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It can be a highly emotional situation when a loved one has passed away, and rather than the estate being distributed to you and the other beneficiaries as outlined in the will of the deceased, disputes arise among the interested parties or another person. You or another party may have cause to challenge a will. Either way, to ensure your rights are protected, you are advised to immediately enlist a qualified Laguna Beach probate litigation lawyer to guide you through the process. P. Arnsen Blakely in Laguna Beach has been practicing estate planning and probate law since 1971 and are very well-versed in probate law, and have a track record of successfully resolving disputes regarding the distribution or an estate, the management of an estate or a will contest.

Beneficiaries and administrators can disrupt the probate process with challenges to the validity of the will. An interested party may believe a will was signed fraudulently, or claim that a party, whether a family member, caregiver or other party, exercised undue influence over the testator (person who signed the will). Perhaps you have issues with how the estate is being managed, or you question how the property is to be distributed, or someone contends there has been a breach of fiduciary duty. There can be other causes for a will contest, based upon the situation. It can be a difficult legal process to bring to resolution, and these matters require the highest quality legal representation. Our firm is committed to protecting the interests of those we represent in probate litigation.

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Our attorney has the necessary in-depth knowledge to navigate all legal processes in probate litigation without losing sight of their purpose: to protect your rights and achieve a favorable outcome. In some cases, these disputes are the result of misunderstandings that are resolved quickly, while other cases may require a trial, and we are very experienced in presenting a case to the court that is well-supported by facts, witnesses and documentation. Our investigations into the facts are meticulous. Once we have obtained the necessary data, we formulate a strategy to get the matter resolved in the most cost-effective manner. Whether you are an heir, beneficiary, executor, administrator or guardian, we are here to stand by you with quality, effective representation. Contact us today.

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