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Under IRS Investigation for an Estate Planning Matter?

If you are under IRS investigation regarding estate taxes or other taxation disputes, you need to obtain aggressive legal defense to protect your rights. You attorney needs to have a thorough understanding of tax law and at the same time be an effective advocate. At P. Arnsen Blakely we have been defending clients under IRS investigation for many years. As there can be a number of financial and tax related complexities during these cases, we strongly advise you to reach out to our firm as soon as possible to discuss your personal situation with our Orange County estate planning lawyer who has more than 40 years of legal experience.

IRS Investigations

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigates matters which they suspect may be ploys to evade taxes. They are particularly apt to investigate the creation of trusts. They are suspicious when they observe:

  • A trust which totally eliminates a party's taxable income.
  • A trust which deducts personal expenses as a business expense of the trust.
  • Taxes which eliminate self-employment taxes.
  • A trust which eliminates all estate and gift taxes
  • A "business trust" which appears to give control of a business to a trust but where the creator is still making the affairs.
  • A "family trust" in which the creator puts the family home in a trust and deducts the costs of maintenance and operation of the home as a trust expense.
  • A "charitable trust" in which the creator puts considerable funds and then uses the trust to provide for family expenses.
  • Foreign trusts in to which the creator directs untaxed funds. The creator attempts to "wash" the money through several moves and finally bring it back into the United States disguised as non-income to dodge tax.

Any evidence of fraudulent activity can subject you to invasive IRS investigations and potential criminal penalties. Capable of deftly addressing these matters to ensure that you are protected and that the estate in question can be properly handled, our Orange County estate planning attorney is here to provide you with the legal assistance and representation you require.

Defending Clients Under Investigation

We have been defending clients against IRS investigations for decades. Highly knowledgeable in estate planning, tax and the conduct of IRS investigations, we can effectively provide you with the defense and legal support you deserve. We also vigilantly defend our client's constitutional rights against self-incrimination and unreasonable search and seizure. With our understanding of the tax law, we challenge investigators' efforts to harass clients for the use of well-accepted tax planning tools.

Contact our firm to as soon as possible to discuss your case.

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