I Can Draft My Own Will/Trust, Can't I?

Sure you can. You can also fly a plane, fix a jet engine, repair your IPhone, and install your own tankless water heater. But not without some training and experience will you be able to succeed.

But, you say, wills are easy. I can copy grandmother's will. Of course you can. Why bother about President Obama's 2012 fiscal year budget that now includes 5,100 new IRS agents to chase down that supposed $300 billion tax gap? Copied wills are excellent sources of substantial gains for lawyers after death of the will writer. Ignorant of current and ever changing laws, your heirs' disappointment will not surface until distribution time. Untangling drafting errors require court approval, filing of case citations with the court, oral hearings and other costs not known to most will copiers.

George Washington did his own will and he was not an Orange County estate planning lawyer. It's true that his 29 page will was a marvel (he signed 28 of the 29 pages), but it took many years to finally settle his estate (his last tract of land sold 52 years after his death.). And he also received advice from his attorney general, Edmond Randolph and used an Association Justice of the Supreme Court to act as executor of his will.

Drafting your own will today is promoted by ads on the internet. Like most bad business decisions, they can turn out to be very expensive, later on. At the time of the writing of the will, ignorance is bliss. There is no charge in the beginning for being unwise. The attorney bills come only when the estate is being taxed, or when the attempts to distribute to family begins to wind through the probate courts. And all of the bills could be avoided by a simple attorney review.

The cost of a Orange County estate planning attorney drafting a will or a trust is small when compared to the expenses forced upon an estate after death. It's too late to prevent the problem after death. Ignorance has a price tag. And that price tag dangles on most every self-devised estate plan.

The careful planner demonstrates a loving kindness to all others by consulting with an experienced Orange County estate planning lawyer and taking care of his/her affairs now. The pathway that leads to an excellent estate plan is often filled with good intentions. Saving money is a good intention. But the delays and excuses block and divert good and kind progress and often end with expensive after death corrective patching. Talk with the experienced estate planners at P. Arnsen Blakely today. Your first conference is free of any charge. It can be the best conference of your life. Contact us at (888 328-4923) or email (blake@lawfriend.com) today.