What to do about inheritance disputes or hostile estate actions of others?

Don't allow yourself to drown in a tsunami of confusion that swirls around family feuds, will contests, lawsuits, petitions, attorney notices, probate court filing requirements, irresponsible trustees, accountings that make no sense or threatening siblings. There is the right thing to do.

If you are a trustee or executor of a family member or friend's estate, you have certain fiduciary duties to act in a timely and prudent manner. Sometimes contacting the agitated family member is not the right thing to do. The law does not allow you to represent yourself as your own attorney before the court. Lawyers experienced in probate litigation can provide professional guidance that may solve problems in their earliest stages. This guidance will show you what documents must be sent out, the time in which they must be sent and to whom they must be sent. In some instances the Trustee/executor must file various documents with the court and within certain deadline dates. A thoroughly experienced estate litigation attorney is best suited to give you needed direction.

If you are not the trustee or executor, then you will want guidance in determining whether the responsible party has properly and timely filed federal Estate tax returns, income tax returns, accountings, notices of events, properly and accurately inventoried all estate assets, provided adequate insurance coverage, supplied prudent management of all assets and liabilities, properly allocated assets among various sub trusts of the main trust, complied with all requirements of the trust or will, properly determined whether there are any disqualified beneficiaries, supplied notice to all creditors, sent copies of the will or trust to all interested beneficiaries, paid all estate debt and expenses in a proper and timely manner and made proper distribution to the correct beneficiaries.

An Orange County estate planning attorney at the law firm of P. Arnsen Blakely is especially capable of giving you the needed guidance and protection needed in the middle of hostile disputes about inheritances. This law firm has been serving the public for over 40 years and will not learn the process on your case or problem. Give us a call, for a free first consultation at 888-328-4923. Ask for Arnie Blakely or select extension 2122. Your call is important to us, and if no immediate response can be provided, a return call will be made shortly.