Many individuals wonder why they should hire an estate planning attorney. One significant reason that everyone should keep in mind is that one missing signature or wrong word can change the intent of a trust or will. Estate planning is serious business, which is why it requires a serious approach.

Complex State Laws

State laws are very stringent on what can and cannot be included in a will or trust, and these rules can get complicated fast. It is best to have a legal expert guiding you through the process who can answer any questions, assuage any fears and provide you with the clarity and confidence you need.

Difficult Family and Financial Issues

Often, complex family or financial situations can make estate planning difficult. There are decisions that can affect your plans such as if you are in a second or subsequent marriage, you own your own business, you own more than one estate, you have a disabled family member, you have minor children, you want to leave your estate to charity, you have substantial 401(k)s or IRAs, you were recently divorced, you lost a spouse or you have a taxable estate for federal or state estate tax purposes. These more confusing situations can be near impossible to resolve alone!

The Pitfalls You Could Encounter, Doing it On Your Own

Sometimes individuals get the mistaken idea that not hiring an estate planning attorney will save them money in the long run. They think that if they print a form on the internet or buy a do-it-yourself book they will save lots of money, when instead they are often in for a rude awakening. Don't risk having a part of your will, trust or other financial document compromised! The reality is that do-it-yourself kits can't advise you. They are only so good. Not hiring a legal expert on your side can result in conflict, misinterpretation, problems and tax consequences for your family members! It is better to hire a qualified estate planning attorney now, then for your family to have to hire one later to do damage control. This can result in thousands of extra dollars being wasted.

Why Estate Planning is Important

Planning before you die is a responsible step that you owe to yourself and your family. When individuals pass away, this hard situation is ten times more magnified when provisions are not set into place for loved ones. The right estate planning controls how much of your estate you pass on, to whom you pass it on and when it is passed on. An estate planning attorney can draft a will to accommodate your wishes while also counseling you and suggesting customized trusts that can provide for your spouse and your children.

How our Firm can Help

An estate planning attorney can prepare the paperwork for you and help you with many important issues such as choosing the right person to assign as your power of attorney and deciding whether or not you should set up a trust. Something to keep in mind is affordability. At P. Arnsen Blakely, we will work with your budget.

Our firm is happy to serve individuals who need estate planning assistance in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside. As our website so proudly proclaims, "With a firm philosophy of putting clients first, we have built a reputation over the years of providing trustworthy, creative and honest legal support."

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