Can You Afford an Estate Planning Lawyer?

Many individuals are faced with this question. In their review of legal documents, trying to do a will or responding to inquiries (from relatives, beneficiaries or taxing agencies), this question often arises. Thinking of saving money (who doesn't want this) they reply, "No." With a "do-it-yourself" rush, they ignorantly plunge headlong into areas better left to the professionals.

People who give this reply usually pay much more to lawyers later. During the past 40 years of practicing law, I repeatedly have earned large fees from the "do-it-yourself" unlawyered client who unknowingly fell into avoidable trouble. These types of clients avoid a minimal fee or cost, only to incur a much larger lawyer fee when they no longer have a choice. The cost of a document review, drafting a simple will or replying to the IRS, in most cases, can be less than $250, and in some instances free of any charge (see our web site). My years of training and years of experience on a daily basis allow me to quickly solve potential and actual legal problems before they become costly to unwind.
This same costly problem arises when the client relies on the wrong professional. They may turn to their tax return preparer to appeal an IRS ruling, do estate planning or form a corporation or partnership. They read advertisements on the internet and think they can be their own lawyer. Without the needed years of training and repeated experience, these types of clients create their own downfall. You should contact a Orange County estate planning attorney today. California law makes it a crime for any individual to practice law without being licensed to do so. See Section 6126 Cal Bus & Prof Code. They can suffer the penalty of going to jail for one year and can be fined. There is good reason not to commit this crime. It's harmful to the client. Just as you would not want your plumber to build your kitchen cabinets, or have your carpenter install your electrical junction box and wiring, you should not allow an accountant to do estate planning, form corporations or file tax appeals with Tax Court.

Let Our Firm Help You!

If you innocently have inherited someone else's costly decision (not to hire a lawyer) the law firm of P. Arnsen Blakely remains ready, willing and able to effectively assist you. We will help you solve the problems as quickly as possible. Give us a call today and let us give you the comfort of the knowledge and experience necessary to solve the problem.