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If you’re new to estate planning, then you are likely wondering which legal documents you need to protect your interests, assets, and end-of-life choices. At P. Arnsen Blakely, we understand that you might be hesitant about starting your estate plan because you might have heard misinformation from others. Whether you believe that estate planning is only for the wealthy or you think an estate plan can’t reflect your personal needs and wishes, our team of friendly legal professionals are ready to explain how a detailed plan can safeguard your interests in times of disability and incapacitation, and even protect your assets and family members from the probate process once you pass away.

Our law firm is proud to assist clients throughout Orange County with their estate planning needs. Our probate and estate lawyer has been in practice since 1971 and has an intimate knowledge of the drafting process, state-specific estate planning laws, and the procedures involved in administrating an estate in California. Because we recognize that every client has unique needs, our firm strives to provide personalized services coupled with aggressive advocacy of our clients’ objectives.

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Why Clients Choose P. Arnsen Blakely

When a client comes to us for assistance, we learn everything we can about their unique circumstances and needs. We then prepare documents to execute the client’s intentions, including a last will and testament, living wills, and living trusts, as needed. Our purpose is to permit the client to achieve their objectives with proper assets protection and correct tax planning to minimize any estate taxes.

We are here to make sure that all your legal needs are met with sound advice from a professional who has the experience needed to effectively handle all matters related to estate planning.

Estate Planning Matters We Handle

Call or visit our firm today to get legal assistance with any of the following estate planning matters:

  • Asset Protection: Assets can fall prey to a number of different threats, including those imposed by estate taxes and lawsuits. Therefore, you should act now to ensure that your personal assets will be protected later.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty: The duties of a fiduciary include avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining loyalty, refraining from comingling funds, and staying faithful to your legal duties. Failure to adhere to any of these principles could lead to legal repercussions.
  • Court Proceedings: For some cases, court proceedings are the only way to resolve a legal issue regarding the planning of one’s estate. Don’t take chances with the outcome of your case by representing yourself before the judge. Let an experienced attorney advocate on your behalf and guide you through the court process.
  • Distribution of Assets: Estate matters should be handled as quickly as possible in order to ensure that the distribution of assets is done in a timely manner that allows for important needs to be met.
  • Estate Administration: A person’s assets need to be legally attended to upon their death. This process is completed through estate administration.
  • Estate Litigation: There are several matters that need to be resolved in estate litigation, including the identity of heirs, the payment of claims, and the sale of assets. We are prepared to help you with each and every one of these matters.
  • Tax Planning & General Taxation: Since 1971, we have been assisting clients in matters concerning tax planning.

FAQ: Estate Planning

With over 40 years of legal experience, you can trust that we possess the knowledge to answer your questions and the skills to protect your best interests. P. Arnsen Blakely offers top-quality counsel in a broad spectrum of legal matters, so you can trust our professionals to provide the seasoned counsel you need.

Here are answers to some of the common questions we asked by clients in Orange County:

Question #1: What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

If a person dies without establishing a will or trust, their estate will become intestate. Intestate refers to the fact that the individual either neglected to draft a will, establish a trust, or that the will cannot be found. When an estate is intestate, the assets of the estate will be taken into the custody of the court, which will pay any outstanding debts and taxes that the individual may have had and then distribute the remaining assets according to the intestacy laws of California.

Question #2 What Happens During Estate Administration?

The administrator, also known as the executor, that is appointed by the court or the decedent gains control over the estate assets and prepares an inventory for the court. The administrator notifies the decedent's creditors that the estate is being distributed so they may put in claims. The executor then reviews the claims and approves or rejects them.

When a creditor or an heir objects to the handling of a claim, estate litigation may result. The administrator will need to appear in court proceedings to defend his or her actions. Finally, after the administrator has handled and paid creditor claims, and filed the decedent's tax returns, they can prepare a petition for distribution of assets.

Question #3: When Should I Update My Estate Plan?

An estate plan needs to be reviewed after every major life event that could potentially change your heirs or the amount of assets in your estate plan. Your heirs may change when you get married or divorced, or even if your children and grandchildren marry and divorce. If a child or grandchild is born or adopted into the family, then you may want to include them in your estate plan.

You should also update your estate plan if there are any major asset gains, including inheritance and business acquisition or sale. If you move, make sure to find out if your estate plan is valid in your new state. Our Orange County estate planning attorney can assess your estate plan to ensure that it is up to date and valid in California!

Comprehensive & Efficient Estate Planning Services in Orange County

Contact our friendly Orange County estate planning attorney at P. Arnsen Blakely if you’re ready to start drafting your estate plan. Our lawyer will gladly utilize his 40+ years of legal experience to answer your questions and prepare the necessary legal documents that cater to your unique needs. With our guidance, you can obtain the necessary tools to make the right decisions for you and your loved ones.

In the future, we can assist your family through probate, the estate administration process, and the distribution of assets. Our firm has the advantage of knowing judges, attorneys, and court personnel in the greater Orange County area-- knowledge that has allowed us to achieve the best possible result for our clients in court proceedings.

To request a consultation with P. Arnsen Blakely, please give us a call at (714) 908-4230 so we can discuss your concerns and explore your legal options.

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