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P. Arnsen Blakely, is a litigation attorney who can help you resolve legal issues related to your business, real estate properties, or estate plan. When you need someone to contest a will or litigate a trust dispute, he is here to use his extensive resources to meet your needs. With years of experience litigating cases on behalf of clients throughout Orange County, P. Arnsen Blakely has proven himself over the years by securing defense verdicts, arbitration awards, and plaintiff's judgments in major cases.

He represents companies in numerous industry sectors who need legal counsel regarding contract negotiation, corporate dissolution, and other business and corporate litigation matters. P. Arnsen Blakely has the legal versatility you want on your side to ensure all of your litigation matters are promptly addressed and resolved.

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Attorney P. Arnsen Blakely has over 30 years of experience assisting clients with civil litigation matters. Find out how our legal team can use our skills and resources to benefit your case.

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The legal process and be extremely complex and confusing, especially if your case requires litigation. An experienced civil litigator familiar with the system can make or break a successful case.

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  • “He has always been there to protect my rights and interests in all cases, and is always honest and friendly.”


  • “He instinctively senses the objective I'm working toward, and understands my needs.”


  • “I could not be more pleased with his advice, friendliness, promptness, and thoroughness.”

    Gloria L.

  • “He knows what he's doing and he does it extremely well. Our outcome was magnificent thanks to Arnsen Blakely.”


Should I Create a Trust?

A trust can provide flexibility in providing for your family and carries important tax planning advantages. They place assets in the hands of a party, a trustee, to be kept for a beneficiary before a death, the beneficiary comes of age, or funds have matured. Trusts also allow avoidance of probate, eliminating the time-consuming legal process for your loved ones.

For example, with a revocable living trust, you can create a trust while still retaining control as the primary trustee. You can then designate a secondary trustee to take over in case of your incapacity or death. One of the great benefits of trusts, other than probate avoidance, is their ability to minimize or even eliminate estate taxes.

Comprehensive Scope of Business Law Services

Over the course of 40+ years, P. Arnsen Blakely has become well-versed in an array of business and corporate law matters. Whether issues need to be taken care of as part of your business planning or you're currently navigating an enterprise, he has the comprehensive knowledge to provided assured and insightful support.

The work you do in your industry can be just as important and meaningful as the condition of your estate when you're taking steps to protect your legacy. No matter what your business or corporate law concerns might be, we encourage you to contact our offices and speak with our skilled Orange County business law attorney today.

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If you have been asked to serve as an executor or administrator of an estate or are facing a disruptive business or corporate issue, don't give in to the stress. Our firm is here to provide the assistance and support you need during this challenging time. Our lawyer can help you prepare all legal proceedings and paperwork and are ready to stand with you if litigation is necessary. Whether you are just thinking about creating your estate plan, have been given the responsibility to execute one, or need thorough business law counsel, be sure to reach out to P. Arnsen Blakely now.

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